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Pan-Jam CEO

Message from the Chairman & CEO

This year marks our 50th anniversary of “Investing in Jamaica”. We have celebrated many milestones including, in 1965, being one of the first companies to have been listed on the Kingston Stock Exchange.

During the following decade we explored business in Tourism, Finance, Retail, Trading and Manufacturing, and Real Estate, which welcomed the merger and acquisition of Jamaica Property and Hardware & Lumber respectively. These two companies have consistently contributed to the success of Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Company Limited.

The next 30 years saw us grow from strength to strength with the Sagicor Group, Chukka Cove, Jablum and Mavis Bank, Walkerswood and Busha Browne. In 2014 we played our part in bringing world-renowned Marriott Hotel and Courtyard to New Kingston, Jamaica.

Through the purchase in downtown Kingston of Oceana Hotel, which we are now taking steps to restore to its former glory, we closed 2014 in keeping with the late, Maurice Facey’s vision of investing in Jamaica and developing the city of Kingston.

Looking ahead, we are focused on building on a Strong Legacy while creating a Powerful Future in bringing positive change to the communities in which we work and live. I am greatly excited about this journey.

To all our employees, customers, stakeholders and friends — I thank you for your continued commitment to Pan-Jam.

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Company Profile

Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Limited (Pan Jam) is a multi-faceted holding corporation that owns and operates businesses across a range of industries. Headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, Pan Jam ranks among the largest publicly listed companies in the Caribbean. Through our subsidiaries and associated companies, we engage in property development and management, banking, manufacturing, retail , trade, financial services and investment.

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